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Bank of Telecom

The Bank of Telecom® has been developed and is operated by Internet Mobile Communications Ltd (IMC). IMC, incorporated in 2012, is headquartered in Chelmsford, UK with sales offices in Chile, Guatemala, Jordan, India and Armenia serving the global carrier community. IMC is a multi award-winning company. Bank of Telecom offers secure, automated trading of wholesale SMS and voice with same day settlements, all of which help overcome significant industry challenges and increase operational efficiency and performance. Bank of Telecom is a registered trademark in the USA, UK, EU, Switzerland, Chile and many other countries worldwide. 

Bank of Telecom® is the global telecommunications automated marketplace, where 1,700+ voice carriers and 400+ sms providers share their latest and greatest Sales Rates each week, making Bank of Telecom® the ultimate place to trade voice and sms efficiently, fast and hassle free.