Bank of Telecom PaaS pricing US$
Membership fee (includes one admin) 250*
Per additional admin 10
Sameday settlement fee – US$ or Euro payments 20
Sameday settlement fee – BoTCoin payments 10

*One off annual fee, payable within 30 days or 12 monthly payments of $23, payable within 15 days

Your Bank of Telecom Membership fee of $250 per year enables voice carrier and SMS MNOs and aggregators to obtain free monitoring, access global rates and a trade environment where sales are settled same day, as well value added services to help you take control of and get the most out of your business.

Value added service Voice SMS Member* Non-member
Global rate checker FREE – 5 per month, US$5 per check thereafter US$5 per check
CLI testing FREE – 10 CLI tests per month, EURO cents 0.0012 per test thereafter EURO cents 0.0015 per test
NCLI testing FREE – 10 NCLI tests per month (each one a 10 call test), US$0.20 per test thereafter US$0.20 per test
Direct and wholesale SMS testing FREE – 5 tests per month, EURO cents 0.30 per test thereafter EURO cents 0.40 per test
HLR (includes MNCC, MCC and number portability) EURO cents 0.0005 to 0.0008 per query EURO cents 0.0007 to 0.001 per query
Voice transcoding FREE to 100,000 minutes, US$10 per month per 100,000 minutes thereafter US$10 per month per 10,000 mins
Voice traffic cleansing US$10 per channel US$20 per channel

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