Bank of Telecom® is a secure, automated international marketplace for telecoms trade with same day settlements and delivers a unique blend of telco and fintech to help you get the most out of your international voice and SMS business. Members benefit from same-day settlement fee via Bank of Telecom’s FX partners as well as a host of other benefits to ensure your business runs as cost-effectively as possible, so it’s no surprise that we see an average of 30 new carriers joining every month.

Here are some of the value-added services you can leverage for your business

Global rate checker

Make informed commercial decisions by accessing our global rate checker for any destination

Destination monitoring and reporting

For your deals you can monitor ASR, DLR, FAS, PDD CLI and more in real time

CLI/NCLI voice testing

Run destination reports showing FAS, PDD and CLI and you will also receive an audio file with NCLI tests

Voice traffic cleansing

Improve stats and increase quality and sales by preventing bad calls on your voice routes

Voice transcoding

Voice transcoding will help raise your ASR% and build traffic for your route

HLR look up

MNCC and NCC check and number portability check

Fast settlement process

Settlement in <2 hours in 132 currencies to 170+ countries at a fraction of the cost of bank wire fees via our BoTCoin Market or FX partners AMEX and Western Union Business Solutions

Direct and wholesale SMS testing

Test any direct and wholesale route by selecting sender ID type, SMSC, SMS type,and DLR (gateway or handset)

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